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         We are dogged for the up gradation and making a golden future, largest trader of exporter of timber SPM EXPORTS (PTE.) LTD.  exports make certain that ambience must not be influenced.. From sourcing timber of certifiable forests across the globe to recycling at every stage in the production process, the Group carefully monitors its environmental performance, whilst perpetually seeking new innovative aspect in which ever tough environmental targets can not only be met but surpassed.

             Most of the timber is sourced from state government-owned forests and is certified under international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) agreements and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme (PEFC) agreements. However it does not carry the FSC badge because buying the certification license adds 30% to the costs.

           SPM EXPORTS (PTE.) LTD.  Exports Group holds strong responsibility to protect and conserve the global environment, strictly against consumption of endemic plant species. It is the part of corporate and social responsibility to preserve the world forests and promote effective forestry management. Indian and Singapore branches Exports have chain of custody implemented, independently evaluated and certified, to endow with the industrial as well as commercial customer base with environmental assurances.

          It upholds a attitude of recurrent advancement of its forest practices and industrialized processes to optimize the use of resources and minimize or get rid of the bang of its operations on the environment.


                A long way we have walked and a long way ahead is waiting for us. We are perpetually continuing the development of affinities in community interests and values, within our business practices. We work in accordance to the community needs rather satisfying individual cravings.  People – Without team we are nothing. Our team members are saturated with the qualities of leadership and innovation. Our dynamic team can handle the work pressure with a friendly smile, which is our greatest asset. 

                 Results –  Though every good effort bears fruit, it is evident and certain. When a culture of team work is developed in the roots of a tree then it always bears sweet fruits. Through a culture of teamwork and innovation, we will strive to provide customers with quality products in a timely manner by combining values of our knowledge of land, forestry and fiber with relentless focus on operational excellence and financial performance for the benefit on our owners, customers, employees and communities.


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